Specified Skilled Visa (Tokutei Ginou Visa) in JAPAN | How to Apply | Application Flow | Test Venues

Good news to current Technical Interns (TITP) or student visa holders in Japan without a university degree but would want to extend their stay in Japan! Since April 2019, Japan has opened it’s doors to fill in urgent and extreme labor shortages with the new Specified Skilled Visa (Tokutei Ginou Visa).

Due to popular request, I am making a 2-part video about Specified Skilled Visa: for Japan residents and those living overseas or outside Japan. In this video, I will be talking about the Specified Skilled Visa for Japan residents.

Specified Skilled Visa (Tokutei Ginou) from ABROAD | Application | Where to Find Sponsorship & More!

*09/07: Click on the link for the POEA Updated list on Sending Organizations (Sponsor Company) from the Philippines for TITP & SSW!

I am not getting paid to promote any company or school so please do a background check before committing to anything! SHARING IS CARING~ If you have any additional info to share, please type in the comments section below! 🙂

★★Video Highlights★★
00:00 Opening
00:44 Chapter 1: The Specified Skilled Visa
01:20 2 Types of the Specified Skilled Visa
01:52 16 Industries that fall under the Specified Skilled Visa Type
02:13 Period of stay & family sponsorship
02:51 Technical Intern Training Visa VS Specified Skilled Visa
03:26 Examinations required with the Specified Skilled Visa
04:22 Chapter 2: How to Change Technical Intern Training Visa or Student Visa to
Specified Skilled Visa in Japan
05:15 Quick view on the conditions of eligibility
05:43 6-step application flow in obtaining Specified Skilled Visa for Japan residents
06:59 Quick view on the required documents
07:32 Closing

★★Testing Venues, Schedule, Exam Outline, Registration, Etc.★★

① Nursing Care Skills Evaluation Test
* Kousei Roudousyou…
*  Overseas Test Schedule (Philippines, Nepal, Myanmar, Mongolia, Indonesia, & Cambodia)…

② Food Service Industry Skills Proficiency Test
* Foreign Food Industry Skill Evaluation Organization
* Overseas Examination Schedule for Year 2020

③ Manufacture of Food and Beverages Skills Proficiency Test
* Foreign Food Industry Skill Evaluation Organization

* Overseas Examination Schedule

④ Accommodation SSW Visa


* Job Openings for Foreign Workers

⑤ Building Cleaning skills evaluation test
* Japan Building Maintenance Association


Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan (About the Specified Skilled Visa)

Department of Labor & Employment (Which test to take for which industry you are applying for)

Philippine Overseas Labor Office

Specified Skilled Workers 1 & 2

What is the Specified Skilled Residency Status? (by JITCO)

Technical Intern Training Program (by JITCO)

International Study Institutes (Offering courses for the SSV)

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